About the Holo



The holo can be used throughout the entire duration of your pregnancy. The raised rim has been added specifically with back support in mind. Place your hips on the raised rim in order therefore to avoid arching your back through the hole.

On land – use with both head and body sections inflated or alternatively deflate the head section and replace with a pillow or cushions for extra comfort.

On water – always use with both sections inflated.


If you are finding it difficult to sleep properly without being about to lie on your front, the holo will let you do this. If in any doubt about sleeping for long periods on the holo, consult your doctor or midwife before doing so and if you are in any pain at all, please stop immediately.


You can certainly do with a holo when it comes to sunbathing especially in order to get an even tan on your back. Sunbathe on the beach or float around with it in the pool or the sea and feel total relaxation once again. 


To watch TV or read a book like you used to do being pregnancy, then the holo is your answer. Deflate the head section and replace with a pillow or cushions for extra comfort. 


Treat yourself to a relaxing pre-natal massage and take your holo along with you so that you could actually enjoy it lying down on your tummy rather than on your side and with pillows everywhere.  


Don't stop your physio session or be required to lie down on your side because you're pregnant. Take your holo along with you for your usual treatment.  




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