Backpack, Panda Pau - Grey

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SKU: 291203019249

The children's backpacks from the LÄSSIG About Friends collection are practical companions that have five animal variants Bo, Lou, Cali, Kaya and Pau, who are brought to life thanks to their cute ears and long arms and legs.

This cute panda can hold his ears and eyes, mouth or hold hands thanks to the magnets built in the ears, eyes, mouth and arms. This backpack is known as the boredom buster!

The water resistant children's backpacks have a spacious main compartment, height-adjustable shoulder and chest straps, a water bottle holder and a name tag sewn inside.  There's an additional zipper compartment which is located outside of the backpack on the side of the back wherein important items such as pocket money can be kept safe.

This backpack may hold up to 5.4 liters and is suitable for children 3+ years old. 

- Integrated magnets in paws, eyes, ears & mouth - spacious main compartment
- Additional zip compartment outside (side of the back)
- Height-adjustable shoulder straps, chest strap
- Label outside with the respective name of the animal
- Drinking bottle holder inside
- Name tag 
- Water-resistant