Food Holder Thermos, Stainless Steel with Spoon - Fox

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Just leave home tasty snacks and baby food spoon because you think that door dining containers are not suitable: the Insulated Gate Food Steel of 3 Sprouts is designed just for the food to the spoon , keeps them warm or cool and takes them around without spills! It is a jar-shaped stainless steel food container, practical for liquid or semi-liquid foods to eat with the spoon ... yes, the spoon is included and it clips onto the jar so even the most careless kids won't leave it at home! But it is a special spoon: instead of having a rounded tip it has a fork tip so you can use it for both liquids and bits of food. Very practical for soups and fruit salads! Like all fantastic 3Sprouts products it is made of child-safe materials , decorated with the face of a cute animal and cheered up by bright colors. A simple, practical and colorful way to encourage a healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables.

Why we like it so much:

  • 3 Sprout s  offers fabulous space-saving solutions and take-away containers that allow you to always keep the many things of the children in order or to carry food and drink with you with lots of joy!
  • The  fun and captivating designs  are loved by children and add  a delicious touch of uniqueness and sympathy to your days!
  • All 3 Sprouts products  are durable and sturdy , made from child-friendly materials.
  • Food container with double function spoon (spoon and fork)
  • Design : Fox 
  • Color : Grey 
  • Capacity: 350ml
  • Dimensions : diameter 8.90 cm, height 12.50 cm approximately
  • Materials : stainless steel
  • Care : Hand wash in warm water. Do not use in the microwave. Don't boil. Can be washed
    in the dishwasher, upper floor. Do not use abrasive cleaners. Wash thoroughly before first use.