Stacking Cubes, Cardboard - Deer Friends

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SKU: DD-4805176

The Done by Deer multipurpose, stacking cubes are a multitude of fun and practicality. They come as a set of eight cardboard cubes of different sizes decorated with cute little animals on one of the six faces, with a number from 1 to 8 on another, with a portion of a meter on another (they are 1 meter tall) as well as a very sweet pastel color on all cubes. They can be used as a stacking game or educational game to learn the first numbers , as containers for small objects or as a meter to measure your child's height.

The set includes : 8 cubes of different sizes and colors. Each cube is decorated with an animal, a number and a portion of the meter.
Materials : laminated cardboard
Dimensions : smaller cube 9x9 cm, larger cube 16.5x16.5 cm. Stacked cubic height: 1 meter.
Care : clean with a dry cloth.