Shiseido Ever Bloom EDT Spray

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Ever Bloom Eau de Toilette is a natural, captivating scent created to complement the innate qualities that embody the wearer, illuminating her inner beauty.

Defying the traditional pyramidal structure of fragrances, Ever Bloom Eau de Toilette is comprised of two spherical accords: the Presence Accord and the Radiance Accord.

The Radiance Accord contains notes of cyclamen, peony and osmanthus, bringing brightness and a dazzling accent to the fragrance. The Presence Accord provides an air of modernity and sophistication through its calculated combination of Orange Blossom Absolute, gardenia, and Helvetolide® Musk.

With its pear-like fruity facet, the Helvetolide® Musk gives the fragrance a crystalline luminosity and a touch of refined modernity.

In Everbloom Eau de Toilette, the Radiance Accord takes center stage, representing the alluring and delicate aura of a woman.