Wooden Dinosaur Puzzle

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An eye-catching and simple wooden jigsaw puzzle including dinosaurs that are made of high quality beechwood, are stackable and great for displaying in your child’s bedroom.

Why does a T-Rex have such short arms? Why does a Stegosaurus have spikes on its back? Why does a Triceratops have three horns? An opportunity for children and parents to talk about animals and for parents to answer the many, many questions children have about them - assuming mum and dad know the answers, that is!

These wooden toys are specially, constructed to educate and amuse in equal measure.

Ideal for developing: hand-eye coordination, shape recognition, memory, concentration, logical thinking, problem-solving, the senses of touch and sight, knowledge, language.

All of the by ASTRUP wooden toys conform to current EU toy safety standards and carry the CE mark.

Contains: 7 parts, 1 Board + 6 Figures

Dimensions: Board: 12.5 x 18.5 x 3 cm

Material: FSC-certified. Beech wood