Best Big Christmas Gifts Guide for Children Ages 1-5: Create a Dazzling Christmas!

There’s nothing like watching the eyes of little ones light up on Christmas morning as they explore the goodies Santa Claus delivered. It’s a surprise of a lifetime, one that creates memories they will carry with them through life. And while little surprises and stocking stuffers will always be appreciated, it’s the big items that tend to make a lasting impact.

As you’re filling the space under your tree this Christmas, here are some of the most popular big presents you may consider for big Christmas gifts. These products are best suited for children ages 1-5. For convenience you may also view the big presents collection here.

Children’s Toy Wooden Kitchen

Recommended Age: 3+ Years 

Price: €139.50

Kid's Toy Kitchen Kid's Concept Swanky Boutique Malta

Young children are full of imagination and wonder, and they’re eager to explore the world around them. Make-believe toys are the perfect Christmas gift idea because they help them role-play the things they see in daily life. Start with a children’s kitchen, complete with a sink, play stovetop, an oven, and storage. Many of our kitchens come with utensils and cooking pots and pans to help your little one dive deeper into their role of chef or mom or dad.

This white wooden toy kitchen from Kids Concept is ideal for girls and boys alike and comes with everything your child needs to cook the finest pretend meals.

Wooden Workbench with Toolbelt

Recommended Age: 3+ Years 

Prices: Starting at €119.95

Little Dutch workbench Swanky Boutique Malta

For the child who can’t stop building, give them their own creative space with a real workbench. This wooden workbench from Little Dutch includes a large flat workspace where they can use tools, colour, draw, and create. Play tools and accessories like an oil can and table saw expose them to real-life counterparts in a safe way. The set also includes a handy and adjustable toolbelt to keep all their tools at hand, as well as 48 other parts, including a child-size play hammer, wrench, screwdriver, nuts, bolts and other goodies.

Fresh Market Stands

Recommended Age: 3+ Years 

Prices:Starting from €79.99 to €169.50

 market stand for kids - pretend shop role play - Swanky Boutique Malta

Children are never too young to start learning healthy habits, including mindfulness about what they eat. Introducing a fresh market stand to your child’s playroom is a fun, engaging way to start creating these healthy habits now.

Our fresh market stand from Kids Concept looks a lot like the types of fruit and vegetable stands your child might see out and about. Visit the full collection for markets and equipment here. They can play the role of a shopkeeper and stock fresh yummy foods, handle the checkouts, and make their store look appetizing. Or, they can be a customer and find all the best foods to buy and cook in their little play kitchen. They’re learning by doing the entire time and are exposed to healthy foods they might like to see on their own plates. Plus, you can make playtime even more interactive by using real foods from your own kitchen!

Bicycle with Training Wheels 

Recommended Age: 3+

Price: Starting at €189

 Kid's Bicycles Xmas Gifts Swanky Boutique Malta 3 year olds

Learning how to ride a bicycle is one of the most memorable childhood experiences. For many, this seemingly simple act is a rite of passage, a milestone in the journey of growing up. To help your children start on the right foot, begin training with a beautiful vintage bicycle including training wheels. 

Encourage your children to have fun whilst being active with our range of beautiful children's bicycles that come in different sizes for different ages. The 12 inch bicycles are recommended for 2.5/3+ year olds, The 14 inch bicycles for 4+ year olds and the 16 inch Bicycles for 4/5 + year olds. At Swanky Boutique you can find some really fabulous bicycles for kids from amazing brands such as the Swedish brand Stoy and the English brand Bobbin.

We've also got a range of Balance Bicycles for younger children available that are recommended for children as young as 2 year olds. Balance bicycles look a lot like regular bicycles, except they have no pedals and no training wheels. Kids learn the balance aspect of riding a bike first before pedals are introduced. Balance is often the hardest part of the process, so once they’ve mastered this step, moving up to a regular bicycle feels more natural.

Our range of vintage looking bicycles for kids come in many different colours and sizes! View our range online now!  

Pretend Ice Cream Shop

Recommended Age: 3+ Years 

Price: €139.90

children's ice cream cart Swanky Boutique Christmas Gifts Malta

Similar to the fresh market stand, this pretend ice cream cart from Jabadabadoo lets them experience what it’s like to be on the other side of the counter. Our beautiful vintage-style cart comes with delightfully made ice cream treats they can display however they wish. Be their customer and build their confidence, then switch roles so they can practice ordering ice cream on their own. It makes ordering ice cream for real so much more fun.

Children’s Grand Piano with Stool

Recommended Age: 3+

Price: €154.90

 Chilrens Musical Instruments Grand Piano Swanky Boutique Christmas Gifts Malta

For your young musicians, the piano for kids the French brand Vilac, helps to set a strong foundation for a love of music. It’s often a child’s first instrument and helps them learn foundational music playing skills they can apply to other instruments as they grow. Piano helps with visual learning because they can see how the notes they play make unique sounds.

A child’s grand piano with matching stool allows them to learn in a space that’s made just for them. They can spend time getting a feel for the different keys that make real sounds (not electronic) and compose their own masterpieces. Each piano set also includes sheet music that’s easy for your child to follow along and start learning how to read music.

We also have our children’s grand piano with matching stool available in black.

View the full music collection here.

Scooter with Front Basket

Recommended Age: 3+

Price: €129.00

The classic scooter for kids has gotten an upgrade with this delightful front basket and simply beautiful scooter from Spanish brand Banwood. Available in the colours Navy Blue, Pink, and White, our scooter with a front basket teaches valuable balancing skills and makes for perfect everyday adventures. The two wheels on the front and one wheel on the back offer more stability than typical scooters, which is why we recommend them for children ages 3 and up. The vintage colours, wheels, and design will echo the scooter you may have had as a child, allowing you to share in some of the same experiences with your own children. You can view the full range of kids scooters here.

Banwood Scooter - Swanky Boutique Malta



Two-in-One Scooter Highway Kick 1

Recommended Age: All children ages 1-5

Price: €99.90

 Scooter and ride on for 1 year olds Christmas gifts Swanky Boutique Malta Scoot & Ride Scooter

If you like the idea of a scooter but want more of a modern look and feel, the Highway Kick 1 by Scoot and Ride checks all the boxes. Available in eight colours (Grey Ash, Blue Steel, Blueberry, Rose Pink, Peach, Yellow Lemon, Kiwi Green and Forest), this two-in-one scooter offers fun in two ways.

Children can use as a standard scooter with a standing-height handlebar and two wheels in the front for added stability. Or, fold the standing handlebar parallel to the footboard and turn it into a ride-along. It’s the classic toy that grows with your child, so they can ride or scoot however they feel comfortable.

Indoor Ball Pit

Recommended Age: 1-3 years

Price: €135.00

 Beautiful ball pits for kids - Swanky Boutique Malta

Throw them, roll them, juggle them, or hide in them — a ball pit for kids is pure delight for any child. Our swanky indoor ball pit comes with 200 beautiful hand-sized balls in coordinating colours surrounded in a comfy velvet pit. Each collection offers a blend of translucent, pearlescent, and solid colours to create a dazzling effect. The pit makes for easy cleanup when your child is done playing for the day, helping busy moms and dads contain the clutter.

The Balls Pits are also available in Pink and Grey

Scooter Go-Up Series by Globber 

Recommended Age: All children ages 1-5

Price: €109.99

Globber Scooters Malta Christmas Gifts for Kids in stock Swanky Boutique Malta

For an even bigger, bolder, brighter upgrade to the classic scooter, parents and children alike will love the Scooter Go-Up Series design. A compact folding design lets parents easily stash the scooter in the car for a day at the park. Unfold it to reveal a comfy saddle seat with handlebars for the child and a longer parent-height bar to easily push and stroll with your child anywhere you go. The scooter transforms as your child grows up, going from a ride-on to a walking bike to a foot-powered scooter. The light-up wheels are the crowning jewel of this scooter, a fun feature that will delight your child through the years.

Foxrider Tricycle

Recommended Age: All children ages 2-5 years old

Price: €139.00

foxrider classic tricycle for kids - swanky boutique malta 

A tricycle is often a child’s first toy, one that helps them develop motor skills and prepare to upgrade to their very first bicycle. The Fox Rider tricycle is simply unique, it makes learning to ride a fun, safe experience. A raised bar around the seat helps your child stay in place while they learn to pedal and move. The Belgian brand uses the same design that started this classic trike back in 1957, paired with new colour options (Blue, Black, and Pink) to delight children of this generation.

View the complete tricycle collection here.

Jupiduu Slide!

jupiduu kids slide - swanky boutique malta

Jupiduu... the infamous indoor slide! The Jupiduu children's slide turns any room into a wonderful playground and is the perfect item to keep your toddlers occupied when its rainy weather outside. 

The Jupiduu slide is made out of extremely high quality wood. It’s absolutely beautiful but above all, it’s safe. The high side bolsters enable safe ascent at all times and the recessed steps ensure added safety.

Pavillion Tent

Pavilion Tent - Off White


kids concept teepee tent swanky boutique malta


Play in the big pavilion tent where it is room for you and all of your friends. Roll up the sides and invite friends to join in the pavilion or take down all the sides for a complete house to play in!. The playhouse tent is the small soft little cottage made for playing and hanging out. :)

Doll Prams

dolls pram for kids - swanky boutique malta

We love drawing inspiration from our grandma’s childhood.

That’s why our charming doll prams, in which every element is handmade, have been designed in true retro style.

The prams will bring back nostalgic memories of childhood for mothers and grandmothers, and we are convinced that today’s little doll mothers will love them too.

Train Sets

little dutch train set swanky boutique malta

With more than 100 parts, this train set from Little Dutch set offers many options to get creative and build new combinations over and over again. Each of the wooden figurines and elements has detailed illustrations on both sides. Additional playsets, such as vehicles, a zoo and a fire station, are available for even more hours of fun play. View the train set collection here.

Dress up table


 dressing table for kids.


Give your child a beautiful place to pretend play or even get ready for school and outings with our Dressing Table in White. Add on the by Astrup 

Dolls House

little dutch dolls house swanky boutique malta


This classic Little Dutch doll’s house guarantees loads of play fun. The sturdy doll house has cute blue shutters and a blue roof that can be removed to show the second floor. And there is more: the roof panel is actually a garden! The house comes with 19 pieces of furniture and accessories. It also includes stickers that help decorate the house in your own unique way.

Start Preparing for Santa’s Arrival Today!

Many retailers are facing complications due to the increase in online shopping coupled with anticipated delays in shipping. We want you to know that Swanky Boutique items are in-stock unless otherwise indicated and we remains committed to delivering your Christmas gifts as quickly as possible. We offer free Malta delivery in 1-3 days as well as international shipping.

However, we do recommend ordering as early as possible for the best selection and peace of mind. So, start checking off your child’s wish list today, maybe even use our wish list function. Explore our collection of Big Gifts for Children ages 1-5 and make this the best Christmas ever!

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