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Every parent, aunt, uncle, or grandparent loves to share their treasured memories from their own childhoods with the special kids in their lives. One such happy memory is the one of their first bicycle, so it’s no wonder you want to share that with your child, too. In fact, there’s plenty of incentive to buy your kids a bike or trike right now that will help them make their own childhood memories.

Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Buy a Bike or Trike

Whether the cause is our increased screen time or gradually growing food portions (or both), many people throughout Malta are looking for ways to protect their health. The Maltese government is making it easier by offering a 15.25% rebate on all bicycle purchases, with a goal of encouraging more physical activity and lifelong health.

Bikes and Trikes to try for Your Kids

If you want to give your child the gift of more time outside in the fresh air or your toddler a way to burn off some steam, how does one go about choosing which ride-on, trike or bike to buy for them? With so many options available, here is some more information about whats available on the market.

Stoy Bicycles

stoy bike

You can never go wrong with a bicycle, the Stoy bicycle is one of our most popular and it really is a personal favourite. Its easy to understand why, the Stoy bicycle is simply a beautiful and comfortable bike for kids!

Made out of high quality materials, the Stoy bike comes in a wide variety of options, you can choose the classic frame for a traditional look or, if you’re a fan of a retro style, opt for the vintage frame which looks great.

The Stoy comes in five colors as well, so chances are that you can find your child’s favorite hue. It’s also available in three sizes: twelve-inch, fourteen-inch, and sixteen-inch to fit kids of different heights and ages.

The side wheels help the young ones keep stable, the seat and grips are also very comfortable for kids, it's not hard to see why people love this bike and we do too.

Foxrider Tricycles

Children have enjoyed riding tricycles for hundreds of years and the Foxrider is a special trike that can be passed on through generations. Tricycles are ideal for young kids who don’t yet have the coordination for a bicycle, and the Foxrider is a reliable trike with a delicate look, complete with four possible colours. The Foxrider is rated for kids ages 30 months to five years.

Banwood Trike

The Banwood Trike is a classic designed toddler trike suitable for kids from 2 years old. The Banwood is one of the newer additions to our shop and it’s proving to be a popular choice quickly. With a thick frame and a sturdy steel and wood construction, the Banwood is both safe and super stylish.

Balance Bike

A balance bicycle is a unique middle ground between a trike and a bike. It has two wheels but no pedals. It’s constructed in a way that makes it easier to balance on, so it’s perfect for kids who aren’t quite ready for a traditional bicycle. The Little Dutch also comes in blue and pink to match your child’s style.

little dutch balance bike

Scooters for Kids

As much healthy fun as kids can have with bikes and trikes, scooters offer many of the same advantages. Also like bikes and trikes, scooters come in plenty of models and styles. 

Globber go up

The GO.UP Series by Globber is a unique scooter for the young ones. The scooter transforms as your toddler grows from 15 months to 9 years+. It is a 100% tool-less design and can be effortlessly transformed into all 3 models in minutes.

However the most important feature of this scooter are that as a parent you can steer your infant and that it also has a place for their little feet. In terms of starting out, this is the perfect scooter to help the younger ones gain confidence and find their balance. 

globber scooter

Scoot and Ride Highwaykick 1

Scoot and Ride is a trusted brand in kids’ scooters and they make multiple models. In the case of the Highwaykick 1, their name is true to the product. This scooter is a two-in-one model that offers both a seated ride and a standing scoot option.

This scooter is made for kids between ages two and five, and it comes in multiple colors as well. Unique to the brand, Scoot and Ride products include a safety pad on the front to help protect your child from falling. 

scoot and ride highway kick 1

Scoot and Ride Highwaykick 3 LED

Think of the Highwaykick 3 as the older cousin of the Highwaykick 1. This model exclusively offers a standing feature, so it’s built for older kids: ages three to six.

There are two key features that make the Highwaykick 3 LED unique, though. First, the handle is easily adjustable so it can grow with your child’s ever-changing height. Second, all the wheels feature LED lights so that your child is more visible in low light. Of course, this scooter also includes the Scoot and Ride safety pad.

scoot and ride highwaykick 3


Ride-ons are another classic and popular kids toy that helps to build a multitude of skills that kids draw on throughout life. There are quite a few options available, here are the most popular.


Little Dutch Vintage Ride on car

Your child will have a ball riding on this super cool vintage looking ride-on car which includes large rubber wheels for a smooth ride.

BonToy Whale

The secret of Bontoy Friendimal lies in its high quality wheels. High-performance bearings and shock-proof rubber material make riding the toy so smooth and easy that even young children can effortlessly push and steer the toy. Bontoy wheels are completely noiseless, which means that children can enjoy playing indoors freely.

With BONTOY Friendimal, you have one thing less to worry about! Its height adjustment function extends the using age from 18 months to a maximum of 8 years. Once you feel that your child has grown too tall for the basic height level, simply convert the toy to the second height level in a few quick and easy steps.




Buying Your Child’s Bike, Trike, Scooter or Rideon

Whether this is your child’s first mini mode of transportation or if you’ve watched them have fun with these toys before, a bike, trike, or scooter gives your child a healthy and active way to have screen-free fun. To find the ideal fit, shop our selection of kids’ bikes, trikes, and scooters and take advantage of your free 15.25% government rebate.

Visit the ride on collection or our bicycles, tricycles and scooters collection to find out more.


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