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4 Products to get the ball rolling - pun intended!

Every new parent seems to be familiar with the term 'Montessori' nowadays. This now ancient approach to childhood education focuses on direct work through play. Now, if you've barely made it to 8 am without hearing "Mum" being called at least 50 times (on a good day!), you don't need to have the benefits of independent play highlighted. So instead, we've put together our top picks of Swanky Boutique Montessori-friendly toys that encourage and support the same educational philosophies that will allow your little ones to navigate this approach independently and safely. 

 Being a parent is a tough life, and we all need a break. Quite often. So, put your feet up and put that nuclear nappy on hold because we are about to give you the full rundown of our current Swanky-favourites and explain why parents and educators in Malta are implementing this renowned teaching style into their homes and classrooms. 

Learning tower 2 in 1 Step' N Sit. 

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One of the core concepts surrounding the Montessori approach is to centre the child with natural materials. Traditionally, Montessori toys are produced from raw materials, such as wood, wool, stone and metals. This multi-functional sustainable product will elevate your child's everyday activities. The tower is made from FSC certified birch plywood, and being lightweight allows it to be moved around easily (perfect for a weekend at Grandmas!). This helper tower assists children in reaching higher surfaces, such as the kitchen counter; encouraging your child to partake in daily household chores invites little ones to understand more about their environment and gain confidence in basic life skills. 

Additionally, it can be instantly transformed into a chair and a table for playing, drawing, and many activities. This product is designed to grow with your child and support all their indoor activities from 18+ months.

Bookcase, with Alphabet.

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Tidy's original books Alphabet bookcase is an educational and purpose-driven piece of furniture designed to be the centrepiece of your child's bedroom. The 3D tactile alphabet helps children to learn their letters whilst encouraging them to complete basic tasks, such as putting things back in the correct place. This clever piece of furniture was designed by a mother and is the first of its kind; A front-facing bookcase for the home that aligns perfectly with the Montessori principles.

Eco-friendly and stylish, the Tidy Books bookcase has undergone numerous safety tests for your peace of mind and is one of the first of its kind, designed to be attached to the wall for optimum security.

The Pikler Triangle.

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Children have a natural instinct to climb - leaving us parents to climb the walls more often than not with worry! The Pikler Triangle is a fun and safe solution. This adjustable climbing frame is an eco-friendly toy that provides a more sophisticated technique as your baby and child grow and develop. A safer alternative that is stylish and modern in appearance makes the climbing activity safe and highly entertaining while allowing your child to fine-tune their motor skills. Furthermore, this product encourages social sharing making it the perfect purchase for any growing family.

Clothing Rail.

Clothing rail for kids, Kids clothing rail, Montessori, Play Furniture, Kids room, Play room, Dress up, Kid's Concept, Malta, Swanky Boutique Children's Store

This practical and stylish clothing rack is intended to have your child hanging up their favourite clothes or costumes. Children love to play dress-up, and this clothes hanger with plenty of storage will allow your child to do this independently. With top and bottom shelves ideal for clothes and shoes and side hooks designed for accessories, this clothes hanger makes a very versatile and sustainable product to have in your child's bedroom. Simple and free of distractions, this product supports the Montessori method to perfection and will encourage your little ones to engage in boundless, imaginative play.

At Swanky Boutique, we encourage all Mums and Dads to focus on quality rather than quantity. When shopping in-store, just feeling the product in hand will give you an instant sense of quality and durability. In addition, a few high-quality toys that will support your child as they reach new milestones will enable your baby to focus more on the task at hand - Oh, and the bonus? There will be less for us mums and dads to pick up at the end of a VERY long day!

Written by Chloe von Brockdorff

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