Scrunch Summer Toys: Not Your Average Day at the Beach

You’re excited to take your kids for a day at the beach as a fun way to spend time with them and enjoy a summer day. Before you can do that, though, you have to go through the trial of getting all those beach toys and supplies loaded into your vehicle.

Between the umbrellas, towels, floaters, buckets, shovels, sandcastle-building accessories, balls, and more, it’s enough to exhaust you (and your boot space) before you even get started. We won’t even talk about the struggle to haul all that cargo from the vehicle to the beach.

One company has decided to put an end to those struggles with their innovative beach toys that are fun for kids and convenient for adults. Let’s take a closer look at the unique brand Scrunch and how they’re making it easier for families to enjoy healthy time in the sun this summer.

Who Is Scrunch?

Scrunch is a UK-based company that’s creating the biggest waves in the world of beach toys in recent years. They offer a wide range of beach toys, from buckets and pales to beach balls, with one twist: they’re all made of flexible silicone so they’re easy to fold, roll, or scrunch up in your luggage.

Why Silicone?

Silicone is one of those materials that make you ask, “Is this magic?” You’ve seen it in kitchen accessories and even surgical products, and it’s also an ideal material for beach toys for several reasons. 

First, silicone is ecologically safe. It’s made from natural sand that goes through a series of chemical processes, eventually turning into silicone. You’ll have the luxury of enjoying nature with your kids while teaching them to value and protect nature as well.

Second, silicone is water-resistant. It will hold up for dozens of beach days without becoming rusted or worn by the water. Silicone also dries quickly and resists mould, so there’s no need to worry about your beach toys becoming toxic if you don’t dry them immediately.

Third, it’s safe. Unlike most plastics, silicone doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, so there’s no need to worry about your kids putting Scrunch’s clean toys in their mouths or about the chemicals your toys could leech into the water. After all, there’s a reason silicone is such a popular material for medical products.

Fourth, silicone is easy to clean, and for parents, this is essential. It’s naturally stain-resistant and you can easily wash dirt off the smooth surfaces. Silicone can even withstand high temperatures, so you can disinfect your kids’ toys in hot water.

Last but not least, silicone is incredibly durable. It’s a particularly strong material because it’s so flexible, so it can withstand even the most “spirited” of kids’ playtimes. Because of that durability, you can rest assured that when you buy Scrunch’s products, they’ll last a long time.

The Benefits of “Scrunchable” Products

The most obvious advantage to Scrunch’s flexible toys is as a solution to the scenario we mentioned earlier: the struggle of hauling bulky beach toys around. A deeper look shows that Scrunch products do far more than make your life easier, though.

That added convenience serves to remove one more barrier and encourage families to do something that is too rare today: spending time together enjoying healthy outdoor activities. Scrunch is making those precious beach days more accessible to all types of families, especially families who don’t have much space at home to store bulkier toys.

On top of this, the portability of Scrunch products encourages families to travel and experience new adventures together, making it easy to just toss the beach bag into the car and hit the road to discover new horizons.

Top Scrunch Products Your Kids Will Love

If you’re ready to give your kids the gift of fun, durable, sustainable beach toys, Scrunch is the brand you want. Try these top favourites for starters.

Beach Bucket and Spade

The scrunchable beach bucket is actually the product that started it all: the original piece that started the Scrunch brand. Pair the bucket with a matching Scrunch beach spade so your kids can fill their buckets and build the perfect foundations for their dream sandcastles.

scrunch bucket and spade


Kids can easily occupy themselves with a spade and bucket, but a frisbee creates a game the entire family can enjoy. Kids and adults alike can enjoy the aerodynamic durability of a Scrunch frisbee in a wide variety of colours.

scrunch frisbee

Fishing Net

Every child has their favourite beach activity, whether it’s digging holes in the sand, swimming, or even fishing. A fishing net is a perfect toy for the animal lover in the family so they can chase fish in a way that’s safe for fish as well as other beach-goers.

Scrunch can help with that too, with their unique kids’ fishing nets. These nets have collapsible rods so they fit perfectly with Scrunch’s goals: making beach toys that are easy to store and transport.

scrunch fishing net

Sand Moulds

If you have a budding architect in the family, chances are that with every beach trip, their sandcastles become more elaborate and ornate. You can fuel that creativity with Scrunch’s sand mould set.

These moulds, in the shape of a foot, crab, shell, and dolphin, can help your creative kids not only create a masterful sandcastle but craft an entire ecosystem for their sandcastle too.

scrunch fishing net


Reclaiming the Summers for Your Family with Scrunch

The summer should be a time for your family to get away from the demands of the school year and enjoy more time to reconnect and enjoy the warm weather together. Scrunch aims to make that easier by offering convenient, portable, durable, and eco-friendly beach toys for kids of any age. 

This summer, set a goal to make the most of your family time whether that involves a day trip to a nearby beach or a beach vacation. For help with that goal, shop our Scrunch products and other beach and aquatic gear for kids today.

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