Christmas Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers For Kids Under €20

Let's be honest, finding the perfect little gift for your gal pal's child is no easy feat! Christmas gift shopping for kids can be stressful and time-consuming, but do not fret - our team at Swanky Boutique is here to the rescue. Keep reading to discover our personalised Christmas Stocking Filler Top Picks- all under €20.

Disclosure: This blog post is sponsored by Santa and his many elves.

Baby Teethers & Bath Toys 

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This is a practical gift that's well-suited for your child's first Christmas stocking. At Swanky Boutique, we have carefully selected all our 2-in-1 baby teether and bath toys to be made from all-natural, safe materials, have an easy-grip for small hands and specially designed with no valve to prevent bacteria from accumulating. Our Baby Essentials collection is bursting with beautifully designed products that will soothe your baby's delicate gums and enhance their fine motor skills. Teething just got so beautiful!

Wooden Toys for Little Hands 

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Our Wooden Toys collection offers functional, beautiful and sustainable wooden toys for babies and kids. We highly recommend our classic Rocking Ring Stacker and playful Pounding Bench as a fun, stocking sized wooden toy that is designed to encourage hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and cognitive development in your child. Our wooden toys are stylish, stimulating and have Santa's seal of approval this Christmas! 

Soft Activity Play  

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Soft activity play products are definitely a top toy stash you need to get your baby's hands on this Christmas! This includes our lovely soft activity cubes and soft activity books that are not only safe from birth but will have your baby gleefully discovering different labels, textures and sounds throughout their babyhood. Its the perfect stocking filler for babies who would benefit from fully immersing themselves into a fun, sensory play session. Little soft gifts for little soft hands will make this the best Christmas yet! 

Soft Dolls 

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Our plush dolls are well-sewn with the softest fabric and made with the intention of developing your child's senses. It will encourage your child to engage in purposeful pretend play and learn about themselves in relation to the world around them. Children really do learn by imagining & doing. For the purpose of practicality, our soft dolls are also machine-washable and come in a lovely gift box that make it a memorable Christmas stocking filler. 

Children's Books 

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A book is a gift that keeps on giving, making this a much-loved stocking filler. We have a vast range of beautiful, collectable hardback books for children in our store. We highly recommend the vibrantly-illustrated, empowering biography series for kids written by the eloquent Spanish writer Maria Isabel Sánchez Vegara; 'Little People, Big Dreams'. This book series contains the right amount of detail for inquisitive children to be able to fully grasp the lesson behind the story. That is, well-established, aspirational people of the world such as Charles Dickens, Rosa Parks, David Attenborough, Steve Jobs and many others were once just an ordinary child with a dream; so little people should dare to be bold, be brave and dream BIG! 

For the Love of Stickers 

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Have you ever met a child that doesn't love stickers? Neither have we! Children simply love expressing themselves with stickers. From activity books to sticker sheets, these adhesive labels can change your little one's environment in small, but very distinct ways. Imagination is freedom. You will catch your youngster thinking to themselves: "There once was a kitchen cupboard, but now there's a cupboard with glitter hearts and fairy unicorns on it and I made it that way!". Our stickers are perfect to stick on cards, notebooks and posters or wherever your child would like to add a touch of sticker magic! This will be a well-used stocking filler that's most likely already at the top of your little tot's wish list. 

Happy Scooting 

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Our funky cool, animal caricature scooter accessories, also known as 'Scootaheadz', are specially designed to attach to your child's T-bar scooter, giving life to your little one's ride and a fun friend to travel with. This unique stocking filler is not only flexible and built to last, but will attach easily to all scooters that have a straight steering bar. This will allow your child to engage in fantasy play as they ride the waves of their imagination with our special unicorn, pony or T-rex Scootaheadz friend. 

Puzzle Play  

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If you value purposeful gifts for kids, look no further than our Puzzles & Games collection. Well-made puzzles like the ones we have in stock allow children to engage in pattern activity, which in turn helps them to make logical connections and use reason to make sense of the pattern before them. Our educational, jigsaw puzzles all come in beautiful shaped storage boxes making them the ideal stocking filler that's made to last. 

Jewellery Boxes 

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Our jewellery boxes have always been an immediate favourite! This is a special stocking filler that's been selected for little ladies who would love to safely store their fashion jewellery, trinkets and keepsakes in a gorgeous, organised space. We have an entire collection dedicated to Jewellery Boxes which include the prettiest velvet jewellery boxes, stylish wooden jewellery stands and the all-time classic musical jewellery boxes. We have brand NEW stock arriving every week at our store, so keep your eyes peeled on this sought-after collection! 

Musical Instruments 

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It is never too early to introduce your child to the joy of music! In fact, now is the BEST time to buy your kid's musical instruments as we have a bundle offer available just for you: Buy ANY 4 musical instruments and get 10% OFF your order! Our lovely xylophones are approved by parents worldwide as its deemed to be the perfect introductory instrument that's traditionally used to awaken your child's interest in music. We also have other musical instruments that would fit perfectly into a [modern] Christmas stocking such as our beautifully-made harmonicas, maracas, tambourine drums and recorders. It's a stocking filler that you know your toddler will love!

Colouring Books, Cards & Posters

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 Our best-selling stocking fillers can be found in our treasured 'Arts & Crafts' collection; the Magic Water Colour-In Cards by 'Floss & Rock' and the couture Coloring Posters by 'Meri Meri'. These both make for the most exciting stocking filler for your kids! Our Colouring Cards come in a strong, reusable case and include cards that can be coloured in time and time again. Simply fill the pen with water and your mini artist can colour to reveal the images which then slowly disappear as they dry up! Your little rugrat will also love our Colouring Poster pack of 2 that features different designed foil illustrations on each eco-friendly page. Plus! It also comes in a beautiful package that naturally make this an excellent gift for creative kids with an artistic flair. You'll thank us later! 

Fun Beauty and Fashion Accessories for Kids 

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If you're a thoughtful gift-giver like us, we highly recommend that you check out our wide-range of natural, nourishing Makeup Gift Sets specially designed for kids by the respectable French brand 'Rosajou'. Our water-based nail polish gift sets, shea butter lipstick sets and mineral-based makeup sets all come in the prettiest, branded packaging, making them the most perfect stocking filler for the little lady in your life. 

And if you're still looking to add an extra special touch to your stocking list of goodies, we suggest that you opt to include the cutest of Hair Accessories and Fashion Jewellery made by the beautiful, boutique accessories brand 'Rockahula Kids' as it will surely have your mini trend-setter grinning with excitement!

Magnetic Doll Sets 

Gifts for Kids, Stocking Fillers, Christmas, Swanky Boutique, Floss & Rock, Magnetic Dolls, Gifts for 3+ Year Olds

Looking for a unique, doll play set for your little princess? Our wooden, magnetic dress-up doll set is the cherry on the (Christmas) cake that you've been looking for! Each wooden doll comes with several magnetic clothes and accessories for your mini-me to choose from. Warning! Your aspiring fashionista may suffer from 'decision fatigue' and take a well-deserved nap post play session, which is likely to be most welcomed by parents and caretakers alike. Our Sofia, Charlotte and Elsie wooden dolls also come in a gorgeous, well-made display box that purposely folds out, providing 2 different background scenes for the ultimate role-play session. It's a wonderful gift and the perfect stocking filler for 3 year old girls. 

Like this blog? Share our personalised gift guide with your loved ones today. Plus! You may even create your very own 'Christmas Gift Registry' on our website and send it to your family and friends via email to make their Christmas shopping list that much easier. And remember, if you need any further assistance, our team is always happy to help! 

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